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At last in the third month a critical article appeared in a serious review.
This year we will also celebrate exceptional work by our contributors with prizes for best critical article, best note, and best theatre history article.
A highly critical article run Saturday begins as good revolutionary articles always do--by invoking the imprimatur of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an has cancelled honorary citizenship of former New York Times journalist Stephen Kinzer over a critical article he penned about the president few months ago.
The combined response to the recent critical article describing the area as 'Britain's Detroit' shows what can be done when the North East speaks with one voice.
Summary: Ibrahim Amine, editor of pro-Hezbollah newspaper Al-Akhbar, was defiant Tuesday against Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi's decision to refer a critical article he penned about President Michel Sleiman to the prosecutor's office.
And Perry Meisel presents the scaffolding of a major critical article in "Woolf and Freud: The Kleinian Turn," which tries to make a case, in too little space, for Melanie Klein's influence on To the Lighthouse.
There was also a meeting regarding the critical article submitted to the Nursing Times about the board in 2008.
The critical article goes further to remind that in the recent years there has been large-scale forest clearing in Bulgaria because of the construction of ski tracks, vacation complexes, and residential quarters.
IN response to a critical article about Middlesbrough by an American visitor, the Gazette editorial (23.
In a critical article noting that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and senior government officials preach to the chorus of right-wing and Christian fundamentalist groups in the United States, Beinart cited the American education and background of the Prime Minister and senior aides.
AK Party had defined rejection of another critical article of the bill as a "road accident.

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