critical examination

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Sports and Violence: A Critical Examination of Sport also discusses how a "sound sport environment" can be developed by structuring programs to improve the understanding of different groups and group dynamics, and calling for research in sport ethics.
Ibsen, much better known for scripts such as A Doll's House, Ghosts, Hedda Gabler and The Master Builder, penned When We Dead Awaken as a critical examination of his own life.
Advocating for a greater cultural understanding of minority beliefs in literacy education and a more critical examination of mainstream instructional practices, Li offers a new theoretical framework and critical recommendations for teachers, schools, and parents.
As usual, this opportunity for a critical examination of corporate power attracted not only our own branch members--some of whom had already taken the course but wanted a refresher--but also total strangers who came out of curiosity and decided to stay for more.
While General Petraeus seems to be doing well now, and certainly performed admirably when he was in charge of the occupation of Mosul in 2003 and early 2004, there is an intervening period in his career that cries for critical examination.
Also noteworthy is the critical examination of the consensual notion of media "pluralism" in Europe (KARPPINEN) and the singular way that the online media processes a topical debate such as so-called "crimes of honour" in the Netherlands (WISTCHGE).
Both Catholic social teachings and the different ways health care is organized around the world are discussed as preliminaries, followed by critical examination of the market-based approaches to health care advocated by Milton Friedman, Regina Herzlinger, Mark Pauly, and Alain Einthoven.
The standard of extrications is pitched at a very high level of expertise, and encourages us to make a hard and critical examination of our own rescue practices and techniques.
I don't see any threats to the church as long as these differences are confronted by church leaders who can make decisions, either by requiring uncritical acceptance of what the pope calls fundamental values or boldly stepping up to the plate and making spiritual and religious decisions that can stand up successfully to critical examination.
Essentially, the media are deploying this Afro-American culture in distracting and deflecting viewers from any critical examination of the issues on the ground-worldwide.
A variety of presentations followed, including re-examining cultural safety, holistic well-being approaches with families, a critical examination of the recently introduced Standard Measures of Assessment and Recovery (Smart) and Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS) frameworks, and a variety of research on pharmacological options and treatment approaches.
A thoroughly researched critical examination especially recommended for women's studies shelves.

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