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Are critical pathways and implant standardization programs effective in reducing costs in total knee replacement operations?
Nurses will be able to receive CEUs for completing the test questions included with the articles on the critical pathway and donor identification, referral and consent.
16) For example, evaluation of a critical pathway for acute stroke management in a given hospital would use systematic data collection and analysis of the presenting features and outcomes of the people with acute stroke who came to that hospital.
7] The critical pathway is usually established in conjunction with an HMO's healthcare coverage parameters and is defined within the HMO's risk contract with a provider.
A critical pathway is an interdisciplinary document that communicates planned interventions for a specific population within a specific timeframe (Mercy Healthcare Arizona, 1994).
Two alternative names are critical pathway and care map.
Freeing itself of the restraints of the Tornillo ruling, the majority said: "The First Amendment's command that government not impede the freedom of speech does not disable the government from taking steps to ensure that private interests not restrict, through physical control of a critical pathway of communication, the free flow of information and ideas.
VS-6063 is an oral small molecule inhibitor of focal adhesion kinase (FAK), which is a critical pathway for cancer stem cells.
Synaptic loss often occurs before the onset of amyloid plaques or tangles in Alzheimer's patients, so our latest findings suggest that many of today's trials that only focus on plaques and tangles aren't targeting a critical pathway responsible for early synaptic loss and, therefore, Alzheimer's disease.
TGF-Beta represents a critical pathway in oncology as its overexpression has been linked to progression and poor patient outcomes for various cancers and is suspected to play a role in other diseases as well.
Smart metering represents the critical pathway for OnStream's future," said Sharon Rodriguez, Director, OnStream.
Critical pathway programs often tend to be comprehensive rather than focused, and may target the most common reasons for admission rather than patients for whom the potential for quality improvement is greatest (Darer, Pronovost, and Bass 2002).