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As the pressure decreases there comes a point at which the pressure of the fluid becomes smaller than the critical pressure of C[O.
Referring to Table 4, the pressure design basis (PDB) is the HDB converted into an equivalent internal pressure, the pressure rating (PR) is the product of the PDB and design factor (DF), and the minimum required critical pressure is the product of the PR and safety factor (SF).
o] (the value of critical pressure at hydraulic breaking of rock/compressive strength of rock) of hydraulic jet erosion calculated for different rocks are gained, which are 0.
The results listed in Table 3 for critical temperature, critical pressure, bubble point temperature, density, and acentric values for the C7+ fraction for the 13 oil samples are plotted in the figures from 6 to 10, respectively.
Regardless of how much greater the refrigerant pressure is above the critical pressure the flow rate is constant.
The most frequently described methods of evaluating upper airway collapsibility are the critical pressure measurement (Pcrit) and the negative expiratory pressure (NEP) technique.
Depending on the mechanical construction of the snap-action pressure switch, this dead zone may represent a critical pressure range in which no secure switching can be guaranteed and both electrical circuits remain open.
For all the listed working conditions, the pressures at the expander inlet are higher than the critical pressure, and the states at expander outlet are in the two-phase region.
The EOS predictions from the tuned parameters of critical temperature, critical pressure, binary interaction coefficient, acentric factor and [[OMEGA].
These figures show comparative critical pressure plots with various design parameters.
Stage III starts at a critical pressure of about 5 Gpa with density 1.
Although this arrangement is dearly only a temporary expedient for African studies at Columbia, it has the merits of both being transparent about the limitations of the program now and creating the critical pressure to rectify the situation that our previous practice of recruiting temporary institute directors, however dedicated, did not," Anderson wrote in a June letter to students, faculty and alumni.