critical spirit

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She rang him up at least once, frequently several times, every day, a fact which was noted and commented upon in a harshly critical spirit by the head of his department, a man with no soul and a strong objection to doing his subordinates' work for them.
Now and then, in the course of the century, a great man of science, like Darwin; a great poet, like Keats; a fine critical spirit, like M.
Irving Babbitt, the Harvard professor of Romance languages who was one of the preeminent conservative minds of the 20th century's first decades, provides a definition of modernism that complements Hart's: "The modern spirit is the positive and critical spirit, the spirit that refuses to take things on authority.
Thus the author found necessary the launching of a second research hypothesis which claims the existence of the reverse migration process because of tradition, consolidation of position or civic spirit, or in the authors words: "university professors become involved in politics for the following reasons: a) tradition (mainly observed during the interwar period), b) trend (especially after 1992, when politicians receive chairs in private universities or in extensions of state universities in towns with no university tradition), c) critical spirit put in the service of the problems of the city (in the case of university professors with no political affiliation with consulting functions)" (p.
Prieto is credited with having brought a more critical spirit to the cultural space and has removed obstacles so that Cuban intellectuals and artists can travel outside the island.
One paragraph of the final conclusions presented by the group reflects well the content and spirit of this book: "Putting human beings back at the centre, restoring a critical spirit in the face of [the] dominant model of 'always more' and opening the debate on our life-style and its limits, knowing how to take time to be in a balanced relationship with others and to allow for personal and spiritual development.
Passmore had introduced the idea of the critical spirit, as distinct from the possession of critical ability, to capture the idea of an attitude or an outlook that a person brings to whatever is at issue.
He deals with the emergence of the critical spirit epitomized in the scientific method and engages the post-Enlightenment development of historical consciousness as well as the theory of evolution.
By confessing our critical spirit to God and committing ourselves to obedience each time we fail (1 John 1:9).
But, in the same critical spirit, let us deal honestly with the man who wrote that poetry," he stated.
We have to be suspicious of the goal of becoming a merely efficient, successful megachurch, for the dark age in which we seek to serve in a critical spirit is precisely an age of managing and marketing success, and the church must not mimic this.

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