critical spirit

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She rang him up at least once, frequently several times, every day, a fact which was noted and commented upon in a harshly critical spirit by the head of his department, a man with no soul and a strong objection to doing his subordinates' work for them.
We end up being filled with pride and a critical spirit.
At the meeting, the activities of research and design institutes, centers for professional development and diagnostics were analyzed in a critical spirit.
The artists advocate learning based on a critical spirit and the need for a personal re-appropriation of knowledge,' it said, stressing that Nunez uses crocheting to represent the value of the work 'incarnated in the object, going beyond its mere functionality.
Critical spirit is an expression put forward by philosopher Harvey Siegel as an indispensable element of critical thinking.
According to Arfaoui, these meetings aimed to "develop the critical spirit, creation and openness on the other, to face up marginalisation and extremism".
CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle said he tasked the team to "re-imagine how we [CUNA] engage with our members and how we work with our league partners to do so in the best possible manner and in the true and critical spirit of interdependence.
My contribution seeks to show how Shakespeare and Cervantes share a set of literary strategies that simultaneously display both a "realist" and a "romantic" vision, thus embodying the complex structure of Western civilization, which maintains a paradoxical union of firm tradition and a critical spirit.
Unfortunately the education system in India fails to generate critical spirit of scientific temper and a democratic way of living.
Lucy is well-known for her critical spirit and caustic comments.
to evaluate, in a critical spirit, the microfinance experience in Southeast Asia" (p.

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