critical viewing

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The combination of our new color science tools, THX Media Director(TM) and critical viewing Room Certification are key components in our initiative to help post houses optimize workflow and ensure that artists are working in room environments that support their best creative efforts," said Rick Dean, senior vice president, THX Ltd.
Renowned communications scholar at New York University, Postman (1931-2003) and veteran broadcast journalist Powers teamed up to produce the 1992 guide to the critical viewing of television news.
Again this suggests that media literacy education can enable more critical viewing of commercial programming.
In the brochure Taking Charge of Your TV (Family & Community Critical Viewing Project, 1995), the joining forces of the National PTA, National Cable Television Association and Cable in the Classroom explain, "Literacy is no longer limited to the written word, but also includes the ability to interpret and evaluate the images and sounds that make up our mass media culture.
It is released under the aegis of the Family & Community Critical Viewing Project, a partnership of the National PTA, the National Cable Television Association and cable industry project Cable in the Classroom.
The characters shout widely allusive wisecracks at the screen; somehow, that act of critical viewing makes horrible films incredible fun to watch.
Canon's new REALiS SX60 Multimedia Projector is a high-resolution product, designed to meet the demands of those professionals who desire critical viewing applications (engineers, designers, etc.
historical films will continue to exercise an enormous influence over most students; thus it only make sense to equip students with critical viewing capabilities.
In addition, "Viewing and Representing: Media Literacy in Texas" provides rich opportunities to strengthen reading and writing skills alongside the development of critical viewing and media production skills.
The documentary suggests parents and educators teach children critical viewing.
Advocates of critical media literacy suggest that critical viewing, critical reading, and critical thinking ought to be integrated across the curriculum.

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