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Jack turned, at this, to examine the Scarecrow critically, and his old friend slyly winked one painted eye at him.
I hear you have been to Torquay," he said, looking at her critically, "it seems to have agreed with you.
One must admit that he has pluck," he remarked critically.
He looked them over critically, finally selecting one that was young, comely as such creatures went, and whose body bore no signs of skin-disease.
He leaned back and critically regarded the person of a girl with a straw-colored wig who upon the stage was flinging her heels in somewhat awkward imitation of a well-known danseuse.
Each combatant took a knife, examined it critically near the candle and tested the strength of blade and handle across his lifted knee.
Diana pursed up her lips, put her black head on one side critically, and finally pronounced in favor of the beads, which were thereupon tied around Anne's slim milk-white throat.
The Story Girl examined her head critically and said,
He doesn't seem any different," remarked the hen, critically.
He seated himself at the table and looked critically at the different dishes left on it.
She looked at her reflection in the mirror long, carefully, and critically.
Guess it's goin' 'round ter the north," announced Nancy, eyeing the sky critically.