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In The Second Half, Keane heavily criticises ex-Reds boss Sir Alex Ferguson, and Robson claims Keane only released the book for the money.
I am not proposing that people who criticise the monarchy or heads of state to take their job for one day, but only suggest that they imagine that they are in their position for one day and see how well they perform
One feels entitled to criticise Dubai as 'Las Vegas without the gambling' despite it being so popular, not just with tourists but with its expat population.
We all know the cliche: don't criticise unless you are above reproach.
Kylie is a fan of these artists and would never criticise them.
MRS Winters is quite right to criticise me over the Catholic attitude to annulment.
IN HIS desire to "bash-a-Christian", Mr Sanders has devised a false argument within which to criticise Sir Cliff Richard (Letters, May 21).
They're not putting the ball in the back of the net but nobody needs to criticise them for that as they know themselves.
ItAEs always easy for someone not involved to criticise a committee.
You're going to criticise the best player in the history of golf, Tiger Woods, so how are you not going to criticise somebody else who is smaller than that?
Just over half of us consider ourselves better drivers than our other halves, and the same number confess to having a partner regularly criticise their driving.
He added: "When you criticise players after games you are criticised for criticising.