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I personally think that people who criticise others for no apparent valid reasons suffer from either psychological or even inferiority disorders.
If people can't be bothered to turn up to a meeting to air their concerns they shouldn't criticise the police for not doing their job properly.
Mrs Winters criticises my letter as being unhelpful to the cause of Christian Unity.
It is unfair to criticise Sir Cliff for not being snarly.
Whatever they do will be wrong and those people who verbally criticise are never around to assist in any form whatsoever.
The only thing I can do is keep getting better so I make your job harder to be able to criticise me.
Senate body criticises clearance of circular debt in single day -- enate body criticises clearance of circular debt in single day
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-29 May 2003-Finnish party leader criticises government for taking loans to pay for tax cuts(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Zimbabwe under Mugabe has been brought to its knees - inflation is running sky high, formerly well-managed farmland is now lying waste and anyone who criticises him is silenced by force.