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Sure, you can criticize the people who produced these films for making three of the worst movies in history.
I criticize this government for its extra-legal activities in Syrian refugee camps to generate yet another Hamas type of organization.
Many of these women have argued that anyone who criticizes the role played by women is attacking the government, which has sanctioned and supported their work in various domains.
He has committed the one unforgivable sin in American politics -- he dared to criticize the government of Israel.
It does feel odd to criticize Gans's book at a time when the cuts moving through Congress would cost the lowest fifth of American families more than $1,500 in aid.
I know that their response is not ethical since first of all they need to attend to the criticism directed towards the AKP and then they will be free to criticize Hizmet.
Refreshingly, he is generally able to criticize the Stalinist subculture in which he was raised without defending McCarthyism and its excrescences.
The American people should not be forced to forfeit our First Amendment rights to contribute to political causes and to criticize candidates as a condition of meaningful reform.
The International Crisis Group notes that African countries have been reluctant to criticize Mugabe, given his reputation as the hero who led the successful revolt against the former white rule.
Corruption, in their view, is synonymous with allowing citizens to criticize government officials.
Weatherford cautions those who criticize the NAIC's surplus to first consider that many of the very trade organizations doing the criticizing are themselves holding upwards of 150% in reserves.