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Critiquing art entails examining the use of the art elements and the principles of design.
It was also hoped that students would learn how to improve their own behavior by critiquing others.
The benefits of carefully planning such a group are multiple and easily accessible to the aspiring writers, including particular attention to the issues of critiquing manuscripts, dealing with difficult members, formal organization steps, sponsoring related events, and getting publicity.
I am writing this letter in response to John Rattray's letter in the June 2006 issue, in which he responded to my letter critiquing his and the others' King of the Road articles.
Working from the Marxian premise that the rationalization of life under capitalism leads to the commodification of human beings, alienation, and self-fragmentation, Lukacs used the concept of "reification" to repudiate various modernist styles that arose in response to these conditions without, in his terms, "realistically" critiquing them.
As everyone who has attended an API editorial writers seminar knows, much of the time is spent examining one another's pages, critiquing writing, content, and layout.