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Now that they are forced to confront the consequences of their complicity, we see grand gestures and crocodile tears coming from these liberals.
That's when the crocodile tears started," Summers remembers.
But, in the meantime, perhaps he would do well to shut up as people can see right through him and the floods of crocodile tears.
Chancellor George Osborne indulged in some light industrial tourism down Thoresby colliery, Notts, and wept crocodile tears for retired miners.
They are not the first caught and no doubt not the last, but crocodile tears are no good now.
12) referring to the military deployment to Afghanistan and that members of the Stockton Labour Party cried crocodile tears in signing our Armed Forces Community Covenant back in March.
So no crocodile tears for one local gallery having to sell an original Damien Hirst because of a reduction in council tax relief.
Funny in how do they not listen prior to voting but cry hot crocodile tears after all the results are in.
For this reason it is even more galling to see Labour crying crocodile tears over the destruction of the NHS in England when they are doing exactly that in Wales.
DONALD Trump and his employees should dry their crocodile tears and consider what they are saying.
COUNCILLOR Rob Higgins accuses me of crocodile tears over free milk and fruit for east end schools (Letters, 30 September).
LAHORE, January 07, 2011 (Frontier Star): Punjab law minister Rana Sana Ullah had said those who were shedding crocodile tears should tell as to why they had left Suleman Taseer alone.