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As the first article in the series, this paper discusses the impact of curve sawing on southern pine dimension lumber manufacturing with an emphasis on potential improvements in lumber volume and value yields associated with various input log distributions in terms of size and severity of sweep or crookedness.
You never know when they're on the level with their crookedness.
It was centred on a Flying Squad office in London, where efficient investigation was combined with crookedness.
The tree should be free of defects such as crookedness, branches, holes, bumps, cracks, scars and insect or disease damage.
I'm not talking about Enron and WorldCom--examples of outright crookedness.
4) By crookedness, I mean a condition of disjointedness, where the moral reality on the ground eludes the grasp of settled and coherent moral and political perspectives.
Suddenly you get millions and millions of pounds coming in and, from a novelist's point of view, that kind of money is bound to attract big time crookedness.
Our corrupted state clouds and contaminates all aspects of our lives, including our sexuality, with distorted desires, pride, rebellion, cruelty, and other forms of crookedness.
Everything in Brazil, even our crookedness, is reasonable.
When the Mayor's Office started selling promotions, through his brother who was his private secretary, the level of crookedness got to be too much.