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due to moral turpitude, crookedness, and dishonesty.
As we age, we encounter concerns like yellowing, crookedness and chipping, so it's no wonder we're turning to cosmetic dentistry in a bid to turn back the clock on our smiles.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Drop-off 9 Theft 10 Run in 11 Sierras 12 She 13 Soft soap 16 Impaired 17 Hot 19 Echidna 21 Riser 22 Heron 23 Deliver DOWN: 1 Address 2 Moonbeam 3 Moan 4 Stressed 5 Deer 6 Stash 8 Fast-forward 13 Standing 14 Adhesive 15 Stir-fry 18 Delhi 20 Hare 21 Rill QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Crookedness 8 Sue 9 Web 11 Trailer 12 Drama 13 Rep 14 Gig 15 Besides 17 Pub 19 Ugly 21 Ally 23 Cone 25 Rota 27 Tom 29 Beneath 31 Par 34 Ton 36 Agent 37 Enclave 38 Yes 39 Key 40 Storyteller DOWN: 1 Cure 2 Reap 3 Oil well 4 Earwig 5 Nudge 6 Swag 7 Semi 8 Strip 10 Baggy 16 Sun 18 Bat 20 Get 22 Lab 24 Optical 25 Repay 26 Recent 28 Money 30 Enter 32 Ages 33 Rest 34 Take 35 Over
A corollary is that all human organizations are hierarchical, with the most talented, ambitious, lucky, crooked, or ruthless at the top, and with everyone else layered at different levels below, depending on their respective talent, ambition, luck, crookedness, or ruthlessness.
Like villainy and crookedness, the portrayal of extreme poverty equally cast a deep impression on this boy's young mind.
So thoroughly has this vision shaped the academic and popular discourses on FOIA that when it is observed that officials sometimes try to avoid the Act by communicating orally (193) or that there is a "long standing FOIA-averse attitude common within most executive administrations," (194) the observations are taken to confirm the very governmental crookedness that makes FOIA indispensable.
Examples include anger, meanness, arrogance, crookedness, greed, lust, etc.
Secondly, for more than 20 years the EU's auditors have refused to sign off the annual accounts because large amounts of money go missing and are unaccounted for, which is clear evidence that Brussels is not short of crookedness.
Gamal informs his readers that the "tactics" that always used by such a "thrice-divorced-woman" and the techniques she applies usually involve "tricky" rules including deception, denial, foul play, blackmailing, corrupting, crookedness, fabrication of facts, massaging of figures, character assassination and others including "yelling" and "walling".
After each election, the demigods of these mundane kingdoms or the so-called churches of the Lord Jesus Christ are held omnipotent and untouchable, such that they can oblige our national and local leaders to grant their beckoning on matters of official appointments, judicial favors, government contracts, referrals, patronage politics and other religious malpractices and political crookedness.
Conversely, he sees ugly, duplicitous, and manipulative Jewish characters, so that he negatively associates crookedness, dirtiness, and craftiness with being Jewish.
However, blurriness, haziness, or crookedness in central vision are signs of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)--the leading cause of legal blindness in older adults--and warrant an immediate visit to the eye doctor.