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CROPPER, contracts. One who, having no interest in the land, works it in consideration of receiving a portion of the crop for his labor. 2 Rawle, R. 12.

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The smoking ban and cheap supermarket booze have taken their toll on the traditional pub and many, like the Croppers, have become more than just watering holes.
He said the bolt croppers were designed specifically to cut through metal and when asked if they could have cut through the fences of the pens on Leppings Lane, he said: "Very easily.
Julie joined the show in 1998 and quickly won the hearts of the nation - and of cafe owner Roy Cropper, played by David Neilson.
Potato croppers were advised to reap their output before Sunday evening.
The company said the original design of the chain would have prevented access to the shackle of the lock by bolt croppers.
Soap fans have seen the couple jet off to Spain on holiday, leaving Cilla's son Chesney with Roy and Hayley Cropper.
The victims in the 2001 killings were Agard's great-grandmother, Maggie Lee, 83, her daughter Lynette Lithgow Pearson, 51, a former anchor woman for Granada TV, and her brother-in-law John Cropper, 59, from Ormskirk.
Johnson, "The Sharecroppers Union," Louisiana Weekly, 16 May 1936, 6; Rosen, "Alabama Share Croppers Union," 138--139; Kelley, Hammer and Hoe, 63, 172.
The inspector says the proposal would cause "serious harm to the appearance and character of the area and the setting of the adjacent listed building" - Croppers Arms pub.
JULIE Hesmondhalgh has quit Coronation Street after 15 years as Britain's first soap transsexual Hayley Cropper.
The expert cut through the shackle of the locks with a pair of bolt croppers and he considered that the claim that the shackle of the lock was bolt cropper-proof was false.
107) Mechanisms used by Southern employers to control labor made "the croppers part of a rural proletariat on the pattern of the industrial proletariat in the North,"(p.