cross the threshold

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This little bell,--to speak in plainer terms, --being fastened over the shop-door, was so contrived as to vibrate by means of a steel spring, and thus convey notice to the inner regions of the house when any customer should cross the threshold.
The house might just as well be buried in an eternal fog while all other houses had the sunshine on them; for not a foot would ever cross the threshold, nor a hand so much as try the door!
Unless you wish it, I will not again cross the threshold of your door.
Later in the day he called me up on the phone and said that, though he realized that a man's place was the home, he declined to cross the threshold again until I had got rid of Eustace and Clarence.
I should be sorry to ask you to cross the threshold, for my convenience, on such a night,' I cried.
He told me that it was an understood thing that when he was over here on business he was not even to cross the threshold of the Embassy, or hold any direct communication with any person connected with it.
The commonest sense of self-respect forbade me--properly forbade me-- to cross the threshold.
He was peremptorily checked before he could cross the threshold.
But I wormed my way to a front place in the little procession, and was, in fact, the second man to cross the threshold that had been the Rubicon of my life.
Summary: It's not easy for older people to cross the threshold into the online world, and it doesn't help when their kids or younger relatives chide them for being technophobes.
Lebanon has frequently called on the UN Security Council and International donors to help it shoulder the burden of hosting the Syrian refugees, who are expected to cross the threshold of one million by the end of the year.
com, said: "Brits prefer staff to give help when they're asked rather than pouncing as soon as we cross the threshold.