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We are geared up to cross-question him," The Daily Times quoted Jehangir, as saying.
Baroness Thatcher - who has lost her short-term memory - uses the notes to cross-question Sir Bernard on his opinions, which must be a far from relaxing lunchtime experience.
We have also told Malik he can have a last chance to cross-question Australian players," said Pakistan Cricket Board legal adviser Ali Sibtain Fazli.
We are raring to cross-question him ( Mansoor Aijaz), she added.
In her summing up the judge spoke about the defendant's right to represent himself in court, to cross-question me.
Replying to this, Aitezaz said the AG is up to prove it, adding, "The AG should have stated this on oath before the court; and, in this case, he will have to face my cross-question.