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Once you have settled on an acceptable temperature rise for the trace being evaluated, it is a simple matter to find the cross-sectional area required for the current requirement, using either the conservative chart or the new universal one.
According to the data obtained in this present study, median nerve cross-sectional area was observed to be increased in only 19% of the patients at the distal radioulnar joint level, in 33% of the patients at the level of the pisiform and in 18% of the patients at the level of the hamate hook.
Accordingly, cross-sectional scanning yields an average error of just 6 micron (0.
To analyze the importance of surface roughness on calibration statistics, the cross-sectional surface was tested in its original state (very rough and highly variable), after being cut with a bandsaw (rough) and after being sanded with 300-grit sandpaper for approximately 25 seconds (sanded).
Cross-sectional analysis confirmed our theory that too much thermal stress was applied.
We measured the diameter of the stipe at the breaking point for each sample with a dissecting microscope and ocular micrometer (resolution of ~25 [micro]m), and estimated cross-sectional area at the breaking point as the area of a circle having this diameter.
where H is the thickness of the soil cross-sectional model
In the context of our cross-sectional study, confirming the direction of the relationship is not possible: although couples who discuss condoms may be more likely to use them, those who consistently use condoms may also be more likely to discuss them.
The researchers have developed a method for calculating the fiber cross-sectional dimensions.
The data are sent to a computer to reconstruct all of the individual "snapshots" into a cross-sectional image (slice) of the internal organs and tissues for each complete rotation of the source of x rays.
Consistent with this intuition, Bansal, Dittmar, and Lundblad show that a model with constant consumption betas does extremely well in capturing cross-sectional differences in risk premiums.
Both a cross-sectional model and a fixed-effects model are estimated.