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Similar conclusions were drawn that as the ratio of the solvent diffusion rate to the non-solvent diffusion rate approached a value of 1, the fiber cross-sectional shape tends towards a circular shape.
If the traces were smaller, the via cross-sectional area would exceed that of the trace and should be okay from a heating standpoint "by definition.
Conversely, during exhalation cross-sectional area decreases and the velocity of the flow increases.
9], the cross-sectional area of the quadriceps was the average of three measurements within 10 percent of one other.
Caption: Cross-sectional studies have found an association between obesity and urinary levels of BPA, but it's unclear whether BPA contributes to obesity or whether the diet of obese people results in greater BPA exposures.
The corresponding cross-sectional area of the working chamber plays a decisive role in cylinder displacement and in the performance of the Wankel compressor.
After the recommended cross-sectional area is determined, it can then be converted to appropriate trace widths (based on the copper thickness used in the design) by using a chart presented later in this article.
Diagnostic ultrasonographical parameters in carpal tunnel syndrome demonstrated in previous studies can be listed as increased bowing of the flexor retinaculum, increased flattening ratio or above normal cross-sectional area of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel proximal (inlet), middle section, and outlet (distal) (10).
To explore whether clinicians who provide reproductive health care to young female patients should screen them for abuse and exposure to violence, the researcher conducted a cross-sectional analysis of several Alaskan databases: a data file of all females who were enrolled in Medicaid at any point in 1999-2003 and who were 10-15 years old on December 31 of any study year; a database of all females in that age-group who were referred to the state's child protective services unit for investigation of physical or sexual abuse by a primary caregiver in 1999-2003; a similar database for referrals to the state's juvenile justice system; and a database of births to Alaskan residents.
By working with, rather than against, pre-existing urban conditions and conservation restrictions, the architects have succeeded in creating a new type in its own right: a strong urban form, with a dense cross-sectional organisation.
Previously, scientists had either looked at the surface of a fossil embryo that had been extracted from rock or sliced through the specimen to get a cross-sectional view, says Philip C.
While most aluminum casters agree that an unpressurized runner system is preferable, they typically only look at the relationship of cross-sectional areas between the sprue choke, the runner and the ingate.