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If flow cross-section of river and stream is insufficient, cross-section will not carrn of dam discharges.
The number of fibres cutting-through the given cross-section surface of composite space in the so-called geometric model has been defined applying the fibre orientation factor (a) (Dupont, Vandewalle 2005) defining the average proportion of fibre length projection (onto the horizontal axis) to their length.
The authors established a protocol for testing a particular flow characteristic of the rubber compounds in various runner cross-sections and then observed a relationship between the cross-sectional areas of each respective runner cross-section to the perimeters of each respective runner cross-section.
A typical diagram of the relation "M-[phi]" for one of the cross-sections is presented in Fig.
In some materials, this has been shown not to be the case, and degradation may vary over the exposed cross-section as a result of diffusion-limited oxidation (ref.
Figure 4 shows a cross-section of a coextrusion die and the shape of the interface at the onset of instability in the die land.
Section Modulus is defined as the Area Moment of Inertia divided by the maximum distance from the center of bending (centroid) to the outermost edge of the casting cross-section.
Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) was used for determining existence of recombination traps, trap kinetics and trap cross-sections.
Profiles with especially balanced cross-sections can indeed be suspended on a cushion of air, but handling is very difficult.
The cable network cable 400 meters of various cross-sections must be removed, re embarrassed about 350 m cables of various cross sections.