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A large slice of luck is needed so, Wolves fans, if it's crossable cross it.
The President has prioritized the security issues within the operation of the Customs Union as the borders have been eliminated and become easily crossable for all individuals.
The fact that blind pedestrians made the majority (or close to the majority) of their crossing decisions when the ambient sound level was below the 25th percentile at unsignalized intersections (both residential and major-minor street intersections) is generally consistent with how they are often taught to cross these types of streets-use "all quiet" periods or crossable gaps in traffic-during their orientation and mobility training.
land, air and sea -the cheapest is the land route which involves less documentation and minimum security except the open unguarded routes that are easily crossable with impunity.
But these binaries, like the scene Maria witnesses through the beaded curtain, become blurred and consequently are shown as crossable, as is demonstrated through Maria's own 'crossing over' by the novel's ending.
Indeed, this small islet, connected to the rest of Crete by a shallow reef that's crossable when the sea is calm, is like a landscape painted with cotton candy, where pink sand squishes between your toes and baby blue water laps over your shins.
Founded upon the gulf between God and humanity which finds its primary expression in the ineffability of the aesthetic; its natural medium is in the elevated strains of high liturgy, and its corollary effect is the elevation of the mediating institution which renders the gulf crossable.
Part of my goal was to form easily crossable bridges between the inside baseball discussion of these issues and those whose lives are affected in myriad ways by these unseen guiding hands.
Are the County Clare man's bridges to Ballydoyle and Freemason Lodge still crossable, or have they been burned beyond meaningful repair?
Zahir and Batin are divided by the River of Flowing Blood, only crossable by a bridge of smoke guarded by smoke lions and a tower full of aggressive fairies.
With fewer cars, MASC restores street parking and crossable streets with two traffic lanes and two parking lanes as buffers.
This authorization creates significant new opportunities for the standalone TURBO elite in addition to that product's unique capability to treat occlusions not crossable with a guidewire," said John G.