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CrossBreed Appendix Carry (Right) Materials Natural tan horsehide leather (backer), molded Kydex (pocket) Carry Type AIWB Retention Type Level 1, friction Adjustability Cant, ride height MSRP From $62.
The Purse Defender system comes complete with an L-shaped panel and a CrossBreed Handcrafted Modular Holster.
The new CrossBreed facility is exciting for us on a number of levels.
To win both the Springfield XD-S and the bonus Shooter's Pack by Crossbreed Holsters, participants must enter via Facebook at http://www.
DNA analysis of wild evergreen rhododendrons in the Himalayas has suggested that hundreds of species of the plant could be derived from hybrids - crossbreeds between different species.
Victor the cute crossbreed is looking for a new home after being cruelly abandoned.
Ringo and the crossbreed, Lennon, were named after pop legends The Beatles.
Many genetically-modified cultivated crops could potentially crossbreed with weeds," Snow says.
Agronomists at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines plan to crossbreed the variety, called "golden rice" because of the color produced by the beta-carotene, with well-adapted local varieties and distribute the resulting plants to farmers all over the developing world.
A NEW crossbreed of super-vicious fighting dogs is being bred in Birmingham, it was claimed yesterday.
They quote for dogs and cats in both the crossbreed and pedigree categories.
Metier a metisser means "weaving loom," metisser means "to crossbreed," metier by itself means on one hand "frame" or "framework" and on the other "task" or "profession.