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Crosscutting first means the cutting envelope will by necessity be larger on the crosscut saw.
Sitting between Bridger Bowl Ski Area and the Bohart Ranch Cross Country Ski Center, Crosscut Ranch is the crown jewel of Bridger Canyon," stated seller John Barkow.
Crosscut Tunnel TX50-19CM, driven southwards from the exploration ramp along exploration line 19 on level 50m, has intercepted:
Although the eccentricity of squared timber of Group B was larger than that of Group A when the logs were not crosscut, the difference between the two groups was minimal for logs subjected to crosscutting (i.
1 demonstrate that all the processing roughness parameters measured from branch fir specimens with crosscut and longitudinal grain were sensitive to the grit size.
The rules of engagement for consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers have changed," says Jim Norred, president of Crosscut.
Metal blades are divided into three groups based on tooth design and cutting action: knife, crosscut, and chainsaw chain.
1 million round of financing led by Los Angeles-based Crosscut Ventures.
The US-X Series allows manufacturers to dedicate their existing horizontal panel saw to rip cutting and send linear strips to the crosscut saw, thereby increasing production while minimizing the use of floor space.
The new product is obtained by progressive assembling of structural elements with crosscut section made of softwood branches.
For the crosscut--first efficiency analysis, the number of crosscut sawlines and the number of rip sawlines were summed to derive the sawcuts per board foot of parts figure.