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The pillars and crosscuts are shown with the advancement, with burn cuts going forward and slashing rounds starting crosscuts.
New crosscuts between the western and eastern tube of the Amberg tunnel.
Three major crosscut tunnels, TX50-19CM, TX100-28SCM and ZX150-20CM have been developed from the two ramps on levels 50m, 100m and 150m respectively to determine the vertical extension of the mineralization zones of V9W-2.
A table saw equipped with a crosscut sled is more accurate and allows you to crosscut material up to 2 ft.
In between presentations extolling the marvels of the mega-decibel machines they were selling, the brothers took turns doing what they were famous for: sawing rounds off a 32" diameter Douglas fir log, using a crosscut hand saw.
Crosscut models - also known as particle-cut shredders - cut paper both lenghtwise and width-wise to create confetti-like particles.
Paul Huet, Klondex's President & CEO, commented, "These crosscuts have provided further evidence of the continuity and grades of Main Zone gold mineralization at the heart of the Fire Creek deposit.
For the crosscut--first efficiency analysis, the number of crosscut sawlines and the number of rip sawlines were summed to derive the sawcuts per board foot of parts figure.
A fan-shaped series of 10 holes is then drilled along the roof of the ore crosscuts using Stromnes Rabor and Atlas Copco H222 and H450 twin-boom production jumbos.
Today, shredders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and price ranges -- from low-end, minimal-security strip cuts to high-end, high-security crosscuts.
A mining plan has been designed to maximize the number production headings with multiple crosscuts to access the mineralized zones as part of an effort to expand the test mining program.
1) "The uranium was found in 1949, and there's been an enormous amount of work and drilling, crosscuts, underground work and environmental studies right through -- right into the 70's, right up until they were ready to start mining.