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Drift tunnels have been driven from the crosscut tunnels either eastwards or westwards along major mineralized structures to test the strike continuity of mineralization zones.
The crosscut, an ax and simple bow saw are the only tools I have used ever since, for felling, bucking, trimming, cutting notches in log construction or any other homestead uses.
Crosscut shredders offer tighter security since they shred a sheet of paper into thousands of tiny particles that are difficult - if not impossible - to reconstruct.
In both the rip-first and the crosscut-first simulations and for all three grade mixes, the majority of the sawlines were made in the second cut-up stage (the crosscut stage in the rip-first simulations and the ripping stage in the crosscut-first simulations).
Even as recently as five years ago, strip-cut shredders were more popular than their particle-cut and crosscut counterparts.
A second new zone of mineralization identified also within crosscut B is approximately 21 feet (6.
5-meter wide sulfide vein that crosscuts the breccia returned 9.
New data also allowed us to conclude that hole ELE-05-59 crosscuts the Roberto zone with an intersection grading 3.
In November and December, 2004 Endeavour released high grade silver assays from North Porvenir in two surface drill holes, eight underground crosscuts and two pre-production sill levels.
The Heva property consists of two lots covering an area of 200 acres (80 hectares) and includes gold resources accessible by a 243-meter vertical shaft (built in 1987) and by more than 1,000 metres of galleries and crosscuts.
The underground exploration and development project consists of constructing an underground decline and associated drifts and crosscuts to support an underground exploration program, and would include construction of waste rock disposal, sample storage and water management and ancillary facilities.