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Moussa Sissoko can when he is in the mood to play but our most consistent crosser is Daryl Janmaat.
Despite the administration's record-breaking deportations over the past several years, conservative lawmakers have criticized the president for what they consider his lax enforcement policies, which they say lure illegal crossers.
Crossers "openly pollinate" with other plants of their variety, sharing their genes with any other plant in that group each time they reproduce.
Accordingly, both sides also agreed to task the Coast Guard of India and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency to work on setting up a mechanism for release of inadvertent crossers (fishermen) and their boats on the same lines as the inadvertent crossers on land.
As such, the Mexican border crosser is situated as an object tied to the physicality of the border, such that any movement away from the border enhances the perception of border crossers as being "out of place.
ENGLAND manager Steve McClaren believes Steven Gerrard has now matched David Beckham as the best crosser in the world.
Caerphilly: six crossers are needed to start in September.
Border health officials agreed that health warnings could be posted, and perhaps health-related information provided, at the county's border crossings with Mexico, but any general increase in intensity of health screenings there that lengthened processing of border crossers even minimally would impede the flow of traffic and become untenable.
Yet her article about the crossers on the Mexico border and the people who have been prosecuted for assisting them gives me great concern (NCR, Sept.
Enhanced with the superb color photography of Stephen Strom, readers are informed with respect to the diverse life forms which range from towering century plants to tiny Botteri's Sparrow, the elegant Mexican pronghorn, and the humans of diverse eras and purposes that were associated with this region from ancient Clovis big-game hunters to border crossers seeking entrance into the U.
Sixty thousand regular crossers have submitted to background checks that take two years to complete.
KEVIN KILBANE has described Tony Hibbert as ``one of the best crossers of a ball I have ever worked with.