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10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation today reminded municipalities that they can improve pedestrian safety by installing free crosswalk signs.
We mean business and when people do not stop for people in the crosswalk, they're going to get fined.
Drivers are required to use care around pedestrians, but outside a crosswalk, foot traffic is supposed to yield to vehicles, he said.
2) Ken Gerston, president of the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council, crosses the street at Riverside Drive and Ranchito Avenue, where Los Angeles' first Smart Crosswalk was installed Monday.
We're obviously delighted to step up our relationship with CBD," said William Parker, president and CEO of Crosswalk.
Rosbury said the street and the crosswalk are busy, "You have a lot of doctor's offices in this building and the Registry (Registry of Motor Vehicles) is here, so the traffic is heavy.
The unidentified pedestrian was in the crosswalk at Van Nuys Boulevard and Chase Street at 11:15 a.
In a memo circulated by Southwest station manager Bill Chamberline, employees were advised that the crosswalk between the privately owned Star Park and the terminal has been deemed illegal by the Airport Authority board.
We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide Crosswalk our full line-up of supply chain services," said Jim Illson, president and COO of the Americas for Bell Microproducts.
It's very scary to stand in the crosswalk and watch as a large SUV comes at you and jams on the brakes, stopping within inches of the crosswalk.
Eugene police will be conducting a sting operation at the intersection of West 16th Avenue and Polk Street today to remind motorists about pedestrian safety, and that every corner is potentially a crosswalk for those on foot.