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In order to simplify the process of creating the linker script, Crossware has added a drag-and-drop GUI linker script editing facility to its Embedded Development Studio.
Crossware has also added 'register tool-tips' to its ARM Development Suite.
For more information please contact Alan Harry, Crossware, tel: + 44 (0) 1763 853500 or fax + 44 (0) 1763 853330, alan@crossware.
Netscape SuiteSpot is a complete solution for content management, messaging and crossware applications on Intranets and extranets.
The addition of C++ language support for our ARM and ColdFire suites is a significant milestone in the development of our compiler technology," says Alan Harry, founder and CEO of Crossware.
The Crossware Code Creation Wizards will create code for the CAN controllers as well as for the acceptance filter, message identifiers, message data etc.
A 32k byte version of Crossware's ARM Development Suite software is also included allowing developers to create full working programs in seconds using the default start-up files created by the Crossware environment and the fully integrated Code Creation Wizards.
The simulator can also be extended using the Virtual Workshop Interface that Crossware originally introduced for its 8051 microcontroller thereby allowing developers to construct a simulation of their complete target system.
The CommerceXpert family demonstrates the power and flexibility that the Netscape ONE platform offers enterprise developers building Crossware applications," said Marty Cagan, vice president for platform marketing at Netscape.
This is particularly easy with the lastest Crossware release because a new utility allows the complete dBug source tree and build settings to be imported, in a matter of seconds, into the Crossware graphical development environment.
In adding support for the Trio MP3 application, we are responding to the rapid growth of interest in compressed audio technology which looks set to extend well beyond the portable device and home entertainment environments into markets such as automotive," says Alan Harry of Crossware.