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With the squid-stick, bluntly sharp at both ends, perhaps a foot long, and held crosswise in the hand, the trick was to gouge any lazying squid until he closed his tentacles around fist, stick and arm.
I killed the Cossack, seized Renard by the arm, and laid him crosswise before me on my horse like a sack of wheat.
But his constant jabbering not only annoyed Tarzan, who worked in silence, but suggested that later the black might raise his voice in cries for succor, so he stepped out of the cage, gathered a handful of grass and a small stick and returning, jammed the grass into Rabba Kega's mouth, laid the stick crosswise between his teeth and fastened it there with the thong from Rabba Kega's loin cloth.
The deck was a wilderness of smashed timber, lying crosswise like trees in a wood after a hurricane; an immense curtain of soiled rags waved gently before me--it was the mainsail blown to strips.
With a flat iron steak, the process is simple: You only have to cut crosswise, with a long side parallel to the edge of your cutting board, and you will achieve success.
com is an E-commerce site, we have an extensive variety of choice crosswise over different classes
Selenium is a free (open source) robotized testing suite for web applications crosswise over various programs and stages.
Draw a crosswise line at the bustline point that's a quarter of the bustline measurement plus 2" for ease, with equal measurement on each side of the centerline (3).
boards are made of schitoplanok conifers, size 200x200 cm, the number of schitoplanok 17, of which 11 vertical, 4 horizontal and 2 schitoplanki crosswise dimensions schitoplanok: height not less than 200 cm, width 10 cm and thickness of not less than 1,2sm (Fig.
The warp in a loom is the lengthwise series of threads through which the crosswise woof or weft is woven.
pk, and afterward make the installment at any of the 70,000 Easypaisa shops crosswise over 800 urban areas in Pakistan or by means of their Easypaisa Mobile Accounts.
Product positioning lengthwise or crosswise to the web allows for full utilization of the forming material width, thereby optimizing output.