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Having read Richard Dawkins's book, The God Delusion, I suspect atheists are not as secure in their beliefs as they at first appear, which is why they become so crotchety when someone has the audacity to disagree with them.
What makes Snow's story unique is its magical introduction to "switching" and the crotchety fairy grandmother who teaches Claire about her ability.
Mihram's complicated trajectory takes him across the border to Kazakhstan, where he joins up with his crotchety uncle (vet stage great Genco Erkal) and sets forth on a series of adventures.
Ballet master Jeffrey Gribbler, who danced Franz in the '90s, now performs the role of the crotchety Dr.
I know a lot of people think librarians are a crotchety bunch (I don't by the way
It is lamentable that Canon Portman has fallen into the trap of seeing Prayer Book Anglicans as crotchety, change-resistant, nostalgia junkies.
Twelve-year-old DJ Walters (voiced by Mithel Musso) has been warned to stay well away from the ramshackle home of crotchety old Mr Nebbercracker.
Choose your metaphor--Lovelock has nature as a crotchety old woman who might evict the unruly teenagers (humanity) from her house.
It's a task that haunts many good architects who get crotchety, unsociable and downright boring in the run up to a lecture date.
The crotchety automaker was loved by everyday citizens; listened to by Lenin, Hitler, and Woodrow Wilson; and derided by intellectuals, cosmopolitans, and opinion shapers.
He'd say it in a crotchety old voice--not that he was crotchety and old then, not that he is even now--but the voice communicated that credit cards, while perhaps useful in certain situations, were just not worth the trouble.