crowd together

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Contrast between transparent and translucent adds to the visual complexity of the object, Internally from some angles, the walls appear almost opaque, as the frames crowd together in perspective and seem mostly to be made of oak.
And contrary to how it might sound, it brought the crowd together and made the mood more festive and exciting.
Night has fallen and the soldiers all around me crowd together with hand-held radios, trying to get the latest news of the battle from their comrades.
desperate Afghan refugees crowd together at the closed Pakistani border as they try to leave the threatened country by lorry, car, van and foot
They move or stand in choreographically precise poses, turn toward or away from one another, crowd together or separate.
That's what happens when toe many recorded magnetic "spots" crowd together on a disk's surface: They destabilize each other's polarities, which makes the error-rate too high for data accuracy.
As the air cools, the water drops in the clouds crowd together, or condense, to make larger drops.
We would love to get most of the old crowd together.
This aggregation has two effects: First, by binding onto more than one site, the receptors hold the toxin tightly; second, as the receptors crowd together, the fluorescent signal from the reporting molecules changes.
In one photograph hooded figures crowd together in the bombed out ruins of Kabul.
For instance, musk-oxen crowd together with their calves in the middle and their horns pointing outward.