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Then they all crowded round her once more, while the Dodo solemnly presented the thimble, saying `We beg your acceptance of this elegant thimble'; and, when it had finished this short speech, they all cheered.
His young brothers and sisters crowded round his little bed, and seized his tiny hand, so cold and heavy; but they shrank back from its touch, and looked with awe on his infant face; for calm and tranquil as it was, and sleeping in rest and peace as the beautiful child seemed to be, they saw that he was dead, and they knew that he was an angel looking down upon, and blessing them, from a bright and happy Heaven.
The father and mother were old and helpless now, and the number of those about them was diminished more than half; but content and cheerfulness sat on every face, and beamed in every eye, as they crowded round the fireside, and told and listened to old stories of earlier and bygone days.
He appeared disposed to add more, but indignation choked his utterance, so he lifted up one of his very pliable legs, and, flourishing it above his head a little, to insure his aim, administered a good sound kick to Gabriel Grub; immediately after which, all the goblins in waiting crowded round the wretched sexton, and kicked him without mercy, according to the established and invariable custom of courtiers upon earth, who kick whom royalty kicks, and hug whom royalty hugs.
Didn't like the way West Brom crowded round Lossl for the corners.
About 20 people crowded round and it was getting angry, lifting its head up.
Onlookers crowded round as Danny Boyle directed the pair making a speedy exit out of the shop, with parts of the street temporarily fenced off throughout the morning.
Buchiko, a four-year-old daughter of King Kamehameha trained by Hidetaka Otonashi, has won three times from 11 starts and demolished her rivals in a PS114,985 race at Kyoto on Tuesday when an estimated 3,000 people crowded round the parade ring for a glimpse of her distinctive looks.
Hundreds of people crowded round the Gorsedd stones on the Maes for the ceremony which saw Alex and 29 others invested into the blue and green orders.
They walked through the lounge bar as usual, piled into the main bar with its jukebox and pool table and dartboard, voices muted, not a glance for the peanut girl as they crowded round the taps and waited for Steve to serve them.
We ate in a cafe called Mandela's, lay down in the street during a demo in Nelson Mandela Place, punched the air with Simple Minds when they sang Mandela Day and crowded round the telly to watch him step out into the sunshine on his release from jail in 1990.
Eager fans crowded round, taking photographs with mobile phones, as filming for the new series continued in the capital.