crucial feature

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A crucial feature of the 1989 policy statement was its emphasis on an institution's management of CRA performance as part of day-to-day activities.
It is also capable of being deployed quickly in Medical Evacuation situations (MedEvac), a crucial feature in emergency scenarios.
Plus, analysts also see the Touch ID as a crucial feature to make mobile payments possible.
Space is a crucial feature, and there is plenty of it.
Respondents cite online collaboration as a crucial feature of portals to help policyholders and brokers who need to communicate with underwriting to understand the product or convey details about the exposure.
Their pounds 650,000 digester will now be able to handle a wider range of waste materials - a crucial feature if domestic and export markets are to be developed.
For Vargas Llosa, the crucial feature of Onetti's world is the fact that Onetti was the first Latin American writer to break away from the stagnant characteristics of realism and naturalism, which cleared the way for more modern explorations of the human psyche in his fiction; in fact, Vargas Llosa states that many of Onetti's antiheros, such as Eladio Linacero or Brausen, show a "voluntad de fuga hacia lo imaginario"--that is, the recurring intention of running away from their mediocre existences and taking refuge in psychologically charged worlds replete with decadent dreams and moral decay.
Steven Dicker said, "The rules determining who needs to put up collateral and how much are a crucial feature of any swap contract.
Recognizing a familiar face is a crucial feature of successful social interaction in humans," said Peter Klaver, PhD, at the University of Zurich, the senior author of the new study, which was led by Ulrike Rimmele, PhD, at New York University.
A crucial feature would, however, be the orientation of the facility towards the stimulation of intellectual capital development for the next century.
High availability is a crucial feature that elevates a disk library over its tape equivalent.
He said: "A crucial feature of the proposals is that all of the existing residents who wish to stay will be able to do so, whether they are tenants or owners.