crucial part

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A crucial part of semiconductor manufacturing involves an essentially photographic process of printing patterns to guide which parts of a silicon surface must be etched away.
Peter's is the crucial part played by this pontiff in the development of the basilica as the chief architectural symbol of the Western Church, and of its music and liturgy as a central statement of papal authority.
Signature management plays a crucial part in the overall design of "stealthy" naval platforms.
Well-trained, knowledgeable, and trustworthy staff are a crucial part of a safe and successful program.
The practices, called ``auditing'' and ``training,'' are a crucial part of Scientologists' spiritual advancement, said Linda Simmons Hight, a church spokeswoman.
Vidal has always been here, and he has always been queer, yet, paradoxically, he has always been a crucial part of the straight intellectual world as well.
Enticing more youngsters to the ballot box has been identified as a crucial part of South Staffordshire Council's fight to hold up poll turnouts, which have gone into freefall over the last 20 years.
It's a massive operation and commissioning is a crucial part of their business.
Remember that all jazz dance is essentially social dance set to jazz or jazz-influenced music, and that tap dance is a crucial part of the jazz dance scene, although it would not normally be taught by a jazz dance teacher.
It's a drill, designed to improve the position of the ball when Malone drops it, a crucial part of a successful punt.
But wolves are also a crucial part of balancing Yellowstone's ecosystem, keeping the coyote and grazing mammal population in check, and revered by Native American cultures.
In The Purchase of Intimacy, she argues that economic exchange is a crucial part of our quest to create, define, and maintain intimate relationships--and that if money can't buy love, it can at least help sustain it.