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Crystal meth, a devastatingly addictive drug, is made, usually in crude backyard labs, by synthesizing several commercially available chemicals, most crucially two called psuedoephedrine and ephedrine.
Perhaps most crucially, Edward's large oeuvre changed how dispossessed peoples defined themselves, thereby empowering entire new generations.
A spokesperson for Standard & Poor's said that unless a new deal was struck with unions and crucially the pilots' union before 15 September 2004 the airline may have no choice but to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, reports Reuters.
Crucially, the centre works on a self-referral basis, allowing the children to access the help they need directly, without relying on their parents to take them to appointments.
may have been a crucially formative period for Biblical literature.
Thomas and John, taken on their own, are crucially different, but because of the ways in which she thinks that reading the first three Gospels, the Synoptics, through the lens of Thomas, rather than through John (or rather than through John exclusively), would have cast these Gospels in a different light.
Crucially, only a handful of pages discuss the boards of governors and the boards of examiners, although these formed key links between the universities and local elites.
Lee & Elaine has its roots in the 1970s flowering of "personal journalism" and all those highly confessional memoirs, or memoirs thinly draped as fiction--but always with the real story being all the crucially important thoughts and emotions of the author-narrator.
It feeds off the idea of crucially mental and active connections between the business manager and his or her workers.
Although better research is needed at all levels, it is crucially important to choose the most appropriate level, or levels, of research for a particular problem.
It provides crucially needed funds for the refinancing of existing high interest rate mortgages and for refinancing properties whose mortgages are maturing in an extremely tight credit market.
Licht's subjects are the working people of a diversified industrial city with an economy based crucially on midsize and small, owner-operated enterprises devoted to custom and small batch production.