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Here, Jesus' cry "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me" is not so much a cry of dereliction as a cry of aversion to what his crucifiers had done--in order to establish their guilt.
Jesus does not admonish his crucifiers to repent; he does not wait to hear their confession; he does not even address them with a convicting word in order to remove their offensive ignorance.
For crucifiers, the twisted, burned, or slashed body signified elemental justice, a necessary, even moral, act in a drama of punishment and pain that portrayed good and evil in a way that could sacralize white supremacy at least for the moment.
They generally did so on the premise that as the crucifiers of Christ, the Jews constituted just as much an enemy as the Muslims.
He spoke of the pallium as the yoke of Christ, as the lamb that had been lost and then saved from an outer and interior wilderness, as God who became a sacrificial lamb for a world "that has been saved by the Crucified One, and not by the crucifiers.