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I don't think it's the brashness or crudeness that put him there.
Such crudeness was not seen even during Naxal movement," said Bhattacharyya.
Frame's output makes plain--often laughably so--the crudeness of our subjective joinery, and Bazin's efforts to deftly restore links between life (bio) and writing (graphy) is overwhelmed by the explosive, surprising, and seemingly endless potentiality of the subject of her study.
The certificate was based on the crudeness of the sexual references.
Worse than the crudeness of Romney's argument is its remarkable lack of social empathy.
It's Adventures In Babysitting with the crudeness turned to 1.
It's just that those doing the naming don't have to live with the sense of shame when yet another world-leading news organisation focuses on your home as an example of the boozy crudeness of British culture.
THE CRUDENESS with which the Christofias government operates seems to know no bounds.
What I'm against is lazy and sloppy adaptations of classic literature, where scriptwriters add a whacking great lump of cack-handed crudeness, believing they are either improving the original work, providing much needed thrills, or making it relevant for a modern audience.
The caricature and crudeness may be too much for some, with the swearing already having hit the headlines.
George Bernard Shaw said that without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.
Bruni is not all that popular in Europe, but the crudeness of the attack on her offended a multitude.