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I don't think it's the brashness or crudeness that put him there.
Maybe as George Bernard Shaw said, "Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.
As a result of this crudeness, the country is rife with wrong, unnecessary, kitsch but gigantic projects.
Her life changes drastically from the affluent politeness of southern family culture to the shocking crudeness of death, destruction and mayhem of 1862 Savannah, Georgia.
Boisterous, overstuffed, richly designed and utterly incomprehensible, "Hard" is set on a planet stuck in the Dark Ages, depicting a world of violence, filth and crudeness meant to be a metaphor for our times.
It's a telling difference: Park's violence feels so gruesome because of its crudeness, its fleshiness.
Johann Christoph wrote this work for himself, which illustrates the prowess of some of these early valve horn artists, especially considering the crudeness of the early valve mechanisms and inconsistent quality of valve combinations.
Inasmuch as Assir, with his confessional crudeness, was of service to Hezbollah's theories about Sunni extremism and to its campaign against the Future Movement and Sunni politicians, he has to the same extent invigorated the kind of extremism that drives towards infighting and rejects both the state and peaceful coexistence.
Crudeness aside, some readers may view this as a fun read and enjoy it purely on that level.
But all said and done, Dr Awan did have his admirers who justified his loudness by pointing to the crudeness of those he had to take on.
Roth himself summed it up best in an introduction he wrote for the 30th-anniversary edition of Goodbye, Columbus: "With clarity and with crudeness, and a great deal of exuberance, the embryonic writer who was me wrote these stories in his early 20's.
It's just that those doing the naming don't have to live with the sense of shame when yet another world-leading news organisation focuses on your home as an example of the boozy crudeness of British culture.