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Frankly, Fieri has been a punching bag for some of the cruder voices in food commentary--writers and fellow hosts.
Past Boko Haram films have been much cruder affairs, often featuring a man identified as leader Abubakar Shekau talking more about local gripes than global jihad.
Trimmed back from a (value for money but slightly too long) set length of an hour and 45 minutes, this has the potential to be crafted into a punchy, ballsy show that perhaps gets a little bit darker and cruder - you sense that Langford's choirboy grin hides a deeper air of mischief.
I knew her death would be worse than that; and even cruder would be her
Youngsters are shifting from cigarettes to cruder forms like dokha and midwakh
China, one of the largest cruder importers, has been identified as the next big market for shale oil if exploration and production becomes more viable.
It's much cruder, and it's amazing that we've been able to do as much as we can.
The international posters for "Ted" amped up the cruder aspects of the film's foulmouthed bear, with him bending over for auds in the Netherlands, the Japanese poster running with the country's love for cute animated characters in silly poses and even putting ears on the title logo, while the Hungarian ad omitted Mark Wahlberg from the urinal shot entirely.
The MTV show has been great - it was cruder than the worst Tallafornia moments all squished into one.
Dr Negre-Zakharov and her team wanted to determine if the much cruder - but much faster - electronic nose was able to determine if the melon they used in the experiment were ripe.
However, people showed themselves again to be cruder than death and history and immediately started with the demystification and demythologization of Kiro Gligorov.
They're going back to compositions that speak to a cruder, more complex social reality.