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With stricter checks in place on tobacco usage -- especially on cigarettes -- youngsters are rapidly shifting to cruder and more dangerous forms of smoking such as dokha to get their daily buzz, a compilation study has found.
The MTV show has been great - it was cruder than the worst Tallafornia moments all squished into one.
Dr Negre-Zakharov and her team wanted to determine if the much cruder - but much faster - electronic nose was able to determine if the melon they used in the experiment were ripe.
However, people showed themselves again to be cruder than death and history and immediately started with the demystification and demythologization of Kiro Gligorov.
Although many shops and filling stations use a variety of devices, including marker pens and ultra-violet light screens, to detect the cruder fakes, the best forgeries, including pounds 10, pounds 20 and pounds 50 notes, are now almost impossible to detect by eye, thanks to advances in sophisticated computer technology and colour printing.
They're going back to compositions that speak to a cruder, more complex social reality.
Yet it has to be expected in this day when world wide 'Yummy Mummies' are being celebrated, and other rather cruder epithets to describe the modern sexy mother.
scientists were in the past, using cruder techniques.
Instead what it does is to lend a seal of legitimacy to the illegal occupation and oppression that Pekane correctly pointed out was cruder than apartheid.
Built in 1499, the well is still used today for rest and relaxation, however, somewhat disappointingly the site is now signalled by a more recent and far cruder concrete water tower that serves today's local population.
Pitted against estimated costs of cruder Palestinian rockets, as low as $500, that could bleed the defense budget, some analysts have argued.
With new fields in the Arctic and East Siberia, Russia's cruder oil output has shot past 2008's yearly production of 488m tons.