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20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Finally MCW Micro Championship Wrestling's "The Greatest Little Show On Earth" has now arrived on world wide pay per view, as the lewdest, crudest, rudest form of pure dysfunctional family sports entertainment ever to be created and known to mankind.
As for occasional references by these same politicians that the Turkish Cypriots are their 'brothers', this is fanciful in the extreme and ranks as insincerity in its crudest form.
Unfortunately for myself, it was in the 'the crudest of fashions'.
Al-Qaeda and other faces of terror like Anders Behring Breivik may be the perpetrators of the crudest form of hate crime and terror, but the roots of such hatred may be found in the minds of several such elements living in the society whether they be in America or in parts of Europe.
We are really going back to the crudest form of authoritarianism.
Most of these people will never have met the person in question, but instead of offering well thought out and reasoned argument against his stance they subjected him to a torrent of verbal abuse, some of it couched in the crudest terms.
Music has been an integral part of video games from their crudest beginnings to the sophisticated productions of today.
But when areas such as Texas experience ice storms, even the crudest of its oilmen might begin to concede that the environmental issue is deeply serious.
There was a competition to see who could make the crudest remarks about the condemned man.
Unfortunately Besharam depends largely on the Kapoor clan - Ranbir, Rishi and Neetu - to rise above a script which takes a dig at Hindi movie classics in the crudest ways possible
Turned out it was normally only used in the crudest of circumstances.
Like it or not the contemporary condition is such that nothing is protected from the crudest or most sophisticated criticism; it is first impossible for this to be blocked or stifled in any way, and secondly it is undesirable that this should be blocked or stifled.