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If this nation can be proud of anything, it can be proud of its ability to survive even the cruelest and most oppressive conditions.
And no wonder that, for students of all ages, September is the cruelest month.
So get ready to turn the cruelest month into the most benevolent time of year.
IT would be the supreme and cruelest irony were Ryan Giggs to earn a suspension for his angry elbow on a Russian player in Saturday's European Championship qualifier play- off in Moscow.
We know the terms: "self-loathing," "right-wing shill," with the cruelest cut meant to be "conservative.
The cruelest irony of all is that the response to these conditions may be to give more water.
I think the cruelest, most inhuman thing they did to him was to keep him in a cell alone most of the time, and they wouldn't allow him to work like the othher prisoners.
With the gutting of the OFDC, poorly managed cuts at the OAC, and extremely limited access to our own screens, nurturing the next David Cronenberg will be next to impossible in this cruelest of climates.
In a second novel, The Cruelest Month (1963), talented people face personal crises in a Nova Scotia guest house.
Huertas said, "Embryonic stem cells are an enormously powerful platform in medical science and offer unparalleled promise in treating some of the cruelest diseases.
These powers are brought into full play after the cruelest prank of all is perpetrated on her, as she turns her prom into a bloodbath of nightmarish proportions.
April, apparently, is the cruelest month for student papers: April Fool's Day editions are especially likely to incur the wrath of the sensitivity police.