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Never slept away from the cutter while on a cruise.
Like sailors, the Canadian voyageurs generally preface a long cruise with a carouse.
Then one day came the word that we were about to round the Horn and that von Schoenvorts had taken it into his fool head to cruise up along the Pacific coast of North America and prey upon all sorts and conditions of merchantmen.
So imperceptibly had it grown since those three horrid days in Ithaca just prior to their departure for what was to have been but a few months' cruise that she had not until now comprehended that the old relations of open, good-fellowship had gone, possibly forever.
I sailed in the teak-built ketch, the Minota, on a blackbirding cruise to Malaita, and I took my wife along.
when I took my wife along on the cruise of the Minota, we found on board a nigger-chasing, adorable Irish terrier puppy, who was smooth-coated like Jerry, and whose name was Peggy.
With her father and her aunt to keep up round her the atmosphere of home--with Cousin Launcelot (more commonly known as "Launce") to carry out, if necessary, the medical treatment prescribed by superior authority on shore--the lovely invalid embarked on her summer cruise, and sprang up into a new existence in the life-giving breezes of the sea.
You will never take another cruise with me--you must be longing to get on shore.
Sweepstakes Prizes Include Cruises to the South Pacific, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Europe and More!
Small gay-group cruises offer the flexibility of many dates and points of departure and itineraries, versus the larger all-gay cruises, which have a more limited calendar.
Today we can enjoy cruises on all of Europe's major river systems, from the tiny Douro River in northern Portugal to the mighty Volga of Russia and the Dnieper River in the Ukraine.
More than three years after the folks at Princess Cruises dramatically scaled back West Coast excursions to the Mexican Riviera - long their signature route - they restarted regular south-of-the-border service two weeks ago with a ship so big she holds the West Coast size record.