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There seemed to come up from its waters and its vine-clad hills and valleys a hushed music as of Crusaders departing for the Holy Land.
If the crusaders come in full armor," said the other, "you must be careful not to drown your ancestors.
The latter visited her and persecuted her with their supplications, but without effect, for her heart was true to her poor despised Crusader, who was fighting in the Holy Land.
Now just at midnight, every night, the lost heiress stood in the mouth of her cave, arrayed in white robes, and sang a little love ballad which her Crusader had made for her.
And now came the Crusader home, bronzed and battle-scarred, but bringing a great and splendid fame to lay at the feet of his bride.
Toward midnight the Crusader came floating down the river in a boat, with his trusty cross-bow in his hands.
The Crusader went away to the wars again, and presently fell in battle, fighting for the Cross.
This old returned Crusader coveted the land whereon my lady dwells.
You can picture to yourself my mother, with her white hair done in some 18th century fashion and her sparkling black eyes, penetrating into those splendours attended by a sort of bald-headed, vexed squirrel - and Henry Allegre coming forward to meet them like a severe prince with the face of a tombstone Crusader, big white hands, muffled silken voice, half- shut eyes, as if looking down at them from a balcony.
Rugby League: Challenge Cup 3rd Round CRUSADERS 60 WIDNES WEST BANK 12 A STRONG first-half showing by Crusaders saw them record a comfortable victory over amateurs Widnes West Bank and book their place in the Challenge Cup fourth round draw.
WALES are hoping to have Crusaders duo Lloyd White and Peter Lupton back to face New Zealand in the opening match of the Gillette Four Nations double-header at Wembley tomorrow.
Out of the 24, half played their Rugby League in Wales throughout 2011, nine for the Crusaders and three for South Wales Scorpions.