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It's almost challenging you to side with the younger James, against his older, crustier self.
Expert witnesses, including royal biographers, talk about her life from her mother becoming queen while Anne was just a toddler, to her two marriages, her crusty relationship with the Press and even crustier relationship with sister-in-law Diana.
The experiment is an exotic entertainment package that will bring to one of the crustier parts of Berkshire a louche, tropical tingle, shipped all the way from the famous Mahiki nightspot in the heart of well-heeled Mayfair.
It has now been scientifically proven that men become crustier as they get older.
Older, crustier critics say it disgraces the name of Britain, but I would argue a drugs culture has always been rampant in this country.
Another clear thinker is Greg Wood, although the fact that he works for the Guardian may disqualify him, as some of the crustier zones of the establishment still confuse that organ with the Morning Star or Socialist Worker.
Maybe I'm getting older and crustier, but I find myself increasingly using this term.