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Several factors influence the crustiness (or lack thereof) of bread:
A Buckingham Palace insider said: "Even Prince Philip, known for his intolerance and general crustiness, thinks of Mandela as a good egg.
Hymie chose to use Campbell's own words to bring his unpretentious crustiness back to life for us to enjoy.
And though my crustiness then had more to do with economics, the cost of mosquito dope, and the fact that during a three-month fishing frenzy I lost all track of time, place, and social civility, it certainly wouldn't hurt to save a couple of quarters at this juncture, either.
Oven-barbecuing can glaze meat but can't give charcoal's smokiness and crustiness.
Rounding out the cast is the magnificent Morgan Freeman, who also earned an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor as Scrap, the gym caretaker and counterpoint to Dunn's crustiness.