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Once a climber gets past the crux of a route, the most difficult part of a climb, the rest is easy.
The beer is part of Crux Fermentation Project's "Banished" series, a line of beers that are hidden away in oak barrels for months.
The Crux riser is first cast with aluminum and then CNC machined into its final form.
They appointed design and engineering company, Crux Product Design Ltd, with a brief to develop an ergonomic and futuristic helmet through the use of novel materials and rapid manufacturing to allow bespoke fits for individual athletes.
How they react to the stress of the abnormal is the crux of his stories.
However, as the artist reminded us, architecture consists both of static structures and the dynamic social environments around them, which together form a crux between the public and the private.
Philautia is thus shown to be at the crux of Panurge's (and the age's) great dilemma, how to construct a new ethics of tolerance from the ruins of relig ious violence.
Cull, a classically trained soprano, is a member of the 16-strong, London-based professional choir known as Coro Cervantes, whose album of Spanish sacred choral music, O Crux, has been gaining international acclaim.
The crux is whether the person had effective power to pay the taxes (i.
Behind the almost black syenite altar, rough-hewn in contrast to the smooth birch, is a gently emphasized circle in the panelling, pierced in only one place, at the crux of the quietly incised cross to mark the axis from congregation to altar to priest to the emblem of Christ.
A permanent home for the company "became the crux of the entire long-range plan," Executive Director Johann Jacobs said.
The crux of the TAD issue is to balance product and process improvements with the required capital investment and increased energy costs.