cry to

See: call, importune
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Philips are donating advanced medical equipment that will enable CRY to gain greater research results with their screenings whilst reaching more young people than ever before.
It makes me cry to see huntsmen and women chase after innocent foxes and call it sport or the 'culture of the countryside'.
It makes me cry to see the educational system failing those who need it.
Over and over, we turn from despair to trust, from a forlorn cry to hope, and ultimately to triumph.
Babies cry to communicate almost everything because they cannot talk.
For more information about how AMD64 technology takes the 64-bit version of Far Cry to a whole new level, visit http://www.
Professor Paddy O'Donnell, from the University of Glasgow's psychology department, is not surprised that women cry for 16 months of their lives and says that we cry to "help regulate anxiety and distress".