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From 1984's Take On Me, the Norwegian trio had a string of hits including The Sun Always Shines On TV, Cry Wolf and the theme tune to Bond movie The Living Daylights.
The Norwegian band, who had huge hits in the 80s with Take On Me and Cry Wolf, said they wanted to end things on a high.
I don't know if it is all truthful, or if it's a cry wolf situation," Ommanney added.
I fear if common sense does not prevail, the cry wolf analogy will apply here.
Unfortunately, the city of Los Angeles has set a precedent of paying criminals' families off -- making it easier for the Pena family to cry wolf.
Cry Wolf is set in a posh American boarding school, where new pupil, English guy Owen (Julian Morris, last seen in Miss Marple) is drawn into the teens' lying games.