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Unfortunately, the city of Los Angeles has set a precedent of paying criminals' families off -- making it easier for the Pena family to cry wolf.
Cry Wolf is set in a posh American boarding school, where new pupil, English guy Owen (Julian Morris, last seen in Miss Marple) is drawn into the teens' lying games.
You won't be taken seriously if you cry wolf too often.
The CBI seems to be stuck in a minimum wage 'groundhog day', every time it increases they cry wolf on job losses.
Cry Wolf, Newcastle Playhouse, until Saturday - This has to be one of the funniest, daftest, slickest shows of the year.
Covering virtually the same wild narrative real estate as "Never Cry Wolf," widescreen survival adventure "The Snow Walker" is lovely to look but will evoke a sense of deja vu from those who remember helmer Carroll Ballard's film, which preemed 20 years ago.