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But shortly afterwards, another 999 call was made, where the woman was heard crying down the phone: 'My kids are gone'.
The feeling of rising panic as my brain flashed through all the terrible conclusions had me crying down the phone pleading to the officer: "Stop asking me questions and help me find her NOW.
Smokey grey are the clouds in a heavenly dusk sky, extracting bitter sweet tears of the angels of mercy, crying down into a puddle of evaporating mist.
CRYING Charity founder Linza Corp, whose son Max died from neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer, in 2009, said: "I have spoken to Lauren and she was just crying down the phone, saying, 'Get me home.
Even when I called my mum in Coventry after the game she was crying down the phone.
At one point I almost started crying down the phone to my mum a bout it.
I called his wife and she was crying down the telephone.