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The minister for Kashmir affairs called upon political forces to respect the mandate of rivals in the light of Charter of Democracy (CoD), urging them to set aside old traditions of crying down others achievenmts for self-aggrandizement.
He started crying down the phone and said he was so very sorry about what had happened.
I've had syndicate agents crying down the phone to me trying their best to pay the money themselves and they couldn't afford to - you have to feel sorry for them too.
My grandparents were on the phone and my boyfriend was crying down the phone to my mum - they were all so proud.
In 2003, Erica Duggan, right, heard her terrified son, Jeremiah, crying down the phone and hours later learnt that he had been hit by cars while running down a German motorway.
In a 999 call played in the courtroom, she was heard crying down the phone.
some of the people were crying down by the riverside
But then they came out with me and now they're like, 'Wendy's just the same, I just don't have her crying down the phone to me because some eejit's messed her around'.
Ernesto Berdejo, who works at Pax, a restaurant in the area, said he saw people running and crying down the street.
Mr Urwin, 31, added: "He was crying down the phone to me, just saying over and over that he didn't do it.
When I took over he was practically crying down the phone pleading with me not to forget about him.
Smokey grey are the clouds in a heavenly dusk sky, extracting bitter sweet tears of the angels of mercy, crying down into a puddle of evaporating mist.