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As is the case for all strategies, it is possible to describe crying foul strategies in terms of strategic maneuvering.
EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION DENIED Reproductive rights advocates are crying foul after pharmacists at an Eckerd Pharmacy in Texas refused to full a rape victim's prescription for emergency contraception.
THE chorus of Lefties crying foul over Parliament's endorsement of war in the Gulf makes me reach for the sickba g.
5 million in public funds, and that has some critics crying foul.
A coalition of property owners and advertisers is crying foul over proposed zoning restrictions that could eliminate outdoor signage from many Manhattan neighborhoods.
People who believed themselves fairly, if not lavishly, paid just a few months ago are crying foul over what newer hires are being paid.
Some teachers are still crying foul, but not, they say, because they'd lose money if their students don't pass the tests.
Why some are crying foul over a federal workers' compensation act meant to protect traditional maritime workers such as longshoremen who load cargo, harbor workers and ship builders that now applies to nontraditional employees, like someone who is painting the lettering on a luxury yacht.
We are also crying foul on the unjust detention of the youth's parents if their children are apprehended during curfew hours,' Lim added.
From defending Rahul Gandhi's need to ' introspect', after the Gandhi scion vanished from the public eye, to crying foul after the Delhi police ' dared' to ask a few innocuous questions -- the Congress just doesn't seem to learn.
Arrow Productions is crying foul play because 'Lovelace' includes three scenes from 'Deep Throat'.
But while an appellate court ruled in 2008 that the son could stay because he, reportedly, used the home as his primary residence after his parents' 1994 divorce, another judge is crying foul.