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Given 1) the vendors' concerns that a backup algorithm would be a de facto requirement in products (for immediate availability in the future), 2) the complete uncertainty of knowing the potential applicability of future breakthroughs in cryptanalysis, 3) NIST's interest in promoting interoperability, and 4) the availability of other algorithms (FIPS and non-FIPS) in commercial products, the team decided not to select a backup algorithm.
Because encipherment and invention are not the same thing at all, because ciphers ought to be the least transparent of forms, and because (therefore) cryptanalysis seeks to discover meanings that the composer wishes to keep hidden, these intelligence activities provide a sort of control by way of contrast to the literary activities to which they can be juxtaposed.
Cryptanalysis of video encryption based on space-filling curves.
Another type of cryptanalysis involves either a known-plaintext attack or a chosen-plaintext attack.
Given current computer capabilities and the state of the science of cryptanalysis, cryptographically strong encodings are so complex that performing them by hand is no longer feasible.
He and his colleagues were involved both with information processing and cryptanalysis during World War II and later the Cold War.
The Invisible Weapon also contains a wealth of information on military and strategic uses of communications, particularly eavesdropping, codes, and cryptanalysis (codebreaking).
Mitsuru Matsui have both contributed groundbreaking work on the cryptanalysis of symmetric-key ciphers.
The same tool can be used for the both steganography and steganalysis and the cipher text can be decrypted by the cryptanalysis.
Exploring attacks is fundamental for designing strong countermeasures, analogous to the role of cryptanalysis in cryptology.
2: Cryptanalysis of a ciphered signal and access A1.
Thus it is possible that some people who are very curious about the message try to do cryptanalysis to attack or open the secret message.