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Even more cryptically, Love's rant took on generational bravado when she advised that "people who are 24 don't even understand the font thing.
The frogs perched cryptically on the branches or back of leaves of Rhizophora mangrove and Laguncularia racemosa.
During the course of the annual meeting, French Finance Minister Sauter said cryptically, "we embrace the market economy but we reject the market society.
If this is quirky enough, another result of this blurring of the clear sexual roles is that women, sexually unsatisfied by these androgynous men become "furies" ("Furien," 302) in their frustration, whereby Welti cryptically adds that the age saw a marked increase of the witch hunts.
This picture may actually be a composite of an early photo of Duchamp layered over the cryptically smiling face of the "Mona Lisa.
A spokesperson for Inprise cryptically told us that the timing was not quite right for an acquisition, despite the company being cash rich at the moment following a $100m settlement from Microsoft Corp regarding a patent and technology licensing dispute.
Weaknesses you may perceive may not be weaknesses," said chairman of selectors David Graveney cryptically yesterday.
The bank, which recently outlined its aspirations to take a stake in Credit Lyonnais, has stated cryptically that the best appeals are made to be withdrawn and that it remains open to discussion.
That loan is part of a much larger relationship with Prudential," Spraggins says cryptically.
The essay is contributed as 'a curious, original, and authentic account of the ridiculous superstition of the inhabitants of the interior parts of Africa' (405), and treats their use of cryptically inscribed amulets, as well as mumbo jumbo.
Here we learn that every wrinkle viewed from the air more than likely has a name, and that the names cryptically index forest or natural history: Ground Squirrel Hollow, Honey Camp Hollow, Redbud Hollow, Seng Creek, Isaac's Fork, Dogfight, Beelog Hollow, Ma Kelly Branch.
The entrance to the complex below is cryptically indicated by a long path incised at an angle into the staircase, like a sharp wound in the flank of some slumbering behemoth.