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This time, the record goes to a 30-acre crystal-clear lagoon that is the main attraction of Citystars Sharm El Sheikh, a popular tourist resort located in the middle of the desert and which will be one of Egypt's most luxurious resorts.
When viewed through the lake's crystal-clear water, it looks just like a pool bottom and campers no longer complain about walking in mud and vegetation.
Imagine swimming with seal pups and thousands of tropical fish in the crystal-clear waters of Baja, Mexico.
For our OEM customers, that means they can deliver a smooth, crystal-clear image without any skipping or jerkiness.
All recipes are delineated with extensive, crystal-clear step-by-step instructions.
1) I am making many discoveries from a book which, while it has a strong US orientation, is still crystal-clear and practical about what and how Catholics should believe: 50 Questions on the Natural Law--What It Is and Why We Need It by Charles Rice (updated edition, which includes and integrates John Paul II's teaching).
Crystal-clear, full-color photographs of every item ensure that Sasanian And Post-Sasanian Glass In The Corning Museum Of Glass is the next best thing to paying a visit to the museum in person.
Crystal-clear definitions of 25,000 entries, covering 90 subfields of psychology from clinical and cognitive psychology to psychopharmacology and statistics, appendices on entries from categories such as biographies, psychological tests, and psychotherapies, and a "quick guide" to easily acquaint the reader with stylistic and formatting features, and much more.
Honeywell's new Aclar Flex moisture-barrier film--specially designed for flexible medical applications, such as overwraps, pouches, and lidding--is a crystal-clear, transparent film that allows easy viewing of package contents.
From a comprehensive evaluation of how Vladimir Putin's ascension has changed the course of the nation, to extensive charts and references packed with hard data, to diagrams and detailed walkthroughs of the transformations Russian government has undergone, Between Dictatorship and Democracy offers a crystal-clear picture of Russia's turbulent recent past, their changing present, and the possibilities of the future.
Rockenschaub leaves it to the catalogue, a thick package in pink vinyl, to chronicle his twenty-four years as an artist, His midcareer survey, on the contrary, refuses to be exactly that; instead it's a chill-out executed with crystal-clear professionalism--a pathway through artistic praxis, a work that comes to life with the viewer's active perception.
Such features include GammaComp(TM) internal circuitry that produces smooth, accurate color tones, XtraView+(TM) wide-angle viewing, crystal-clear 1600 x 1200 resolution, and automatic black level adjustment.