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The crystallisation rate of crystals in fluorine-free titanium-bearing mould slags must be similar to the crystallisation rate of cuspidine in commercial mould fluxes.
At Polymorphism and Crystallisation, attendees will hear best practices from the big industry names like GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation (CMAC), together with leading academic institutions like University of Loughborough, University of Leeds, University of Rouen, and more.
Besides GAS and RESS there are a number of hybrid approaches to controlled crystallisation including Eurand's Biorise technology, and a range of approaches from Eiffel Technologies.
Regardless of the type of formulation you are working with, there is always a natural, vegetable Lipex[TM] fat with lots of functionality available Lipex[TM] and Akofine vegetable fats are designed to show good compatibility with other cosmetic ingredients, and have a simple crystallisation behaviour.
chapters review areas such as surface morphology and residual stress, modelling surface structure, crystallisation of nickel-phosphorus deposits and hardness evolution
To define their roles and interactions, I propose to solve the full-length structures of HA at neutral pH and of HA2 at low pH by x-ray crystallography using state-of-the art crystallisation methods.
Brush the sides of the pan with warm water occasionally, to avoid crystallisation.
An additional driver of downward credit pressure could be as a result of a significant weakening of the banking sector or the crystallisation of material contingent liabilities.
Nordson BKG (formerly Kreyenborg BKG) has released an integrated system that uses the thermal energy of the molten polymer created during PET pelletising for subsequent crystallisation.
The crystallisation of favourable factors has not gone unnoticed by Wim Mahmoud Rabah, chairman of Green Valley Real Estate.
The temporary crystallisation brings a little bling and, when the party's over, you simply pick off the decals and wash the glasses ready for the next gathering.
Thanks to its improved crystallisation properties, Akulon XS has an extended processing window, providing new opportunities in designing co-extruded multi-layer as well as monolayer film structures.