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In all these miscible blends, the glass transition of the noncrystallizable component is lower than that of the crystallizable polymer, which results in a progressive decrease of [T.
Therefore, ultimate mechanical properties of the crystallizable polyolefins are determined by both degradation and crystallization behaviors.
By varying the crystallizable ionomer type and content, we can tailor the mechanical properties, such as stiffness and hardness (Table 1).
33 nm, respectively for blended and individually mixed co-solvent modified films [28], Larger crystal size of crystallizable polymer in active layer produced via modified co-solvent addition method can also be vital for the charge transport, which may be a contributing feature for high photocurrent generation in the OSC [29],
The first, #6,713,600, deals with extrusion of slowly crystallizable resins such as polyethylene terephthalate.
The disappearance of crystallinity in block copolymers characterized by a shortening of the length of the crystallizable blocks is a typical behavior observed in numerous polymeric systems [26, 27].
The decrease in the heat of fusion can be explained on the basis of reduction of crystallinity due to disruption of crystallizable sequences upon addition of defects (ethylene units).
In Polymer Crystallization: The Development of Crystalline Order in Thermoplastic Polymers, the author's goal is to convey concepts of how crystallinity develops in crystallizable polymers, i.
The aggregation of ionic groups of Na-ionomer is responsible for high local viscosity [39, 40] and it lowers the diffusion of the crystallizable segments.
It is amorphous, says Eastman, and thus offers a "wider processing latitude than conventional crystallizable polyesters.
Figure 3 and Table 3 further indicate that PrePEEA-20 is an amorphous polymer, and that PrePEEAs with amide contents higher than 30 mol% are crystallizable PEEAs.
A/m is the area under the exotherm per unit weight of the crystallizable component of the sample, and is proportional to the degree of crystallinity.