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where the subscript 1 represents the crystallizable polymer (PCL) and the subscript 2 stands for the component, which does not crystallize within the temperature range of interest (PS).
The overall degree of crystallinity is known to be independent of the nature of the comonomer (except for methyl branches), while being largely determined by the crystallizable sequence length distributions [15,16].
Patented is a transparent, oriented thermoformable film comprising a crystallizable thermoplastic or a mixture of different crystallizable thermoplastics and at least one UV stabilizer.
To our knowledge, in binary, phase-separated polymer blends, a positive influence of the amorphous polymer on crystal growth rate of the crystallizable polymer has never been reported to date.
Therefore, ultimate mechanical properties of the crystallizable plastics are determined by both degradation and crystallization behaviors.
As main-chain modification occurs, sufficiently long lengths of chemically similar chain segments are reduced, decreasing the overall amount of crystallizable segments and slowing the rate of crystallization.
The new ionomers [3-6] combine a highly soft and flexible base ionomer and a reinforcing crystallizable ionomeric modifier to achieve the extended performance capability.
One catalyst generates vinyl-terminated, crystallizable PE "macromonomers" (or macromers) while the other incorporates the macromers into low-crystallinity backbones, such as PP.
So, this limited structural development supposed for crystallizable polymer like P3HT in the presence of PCBM limits the hole transport and hence low efficiency [9], To overcome these issues, few reports in literature also concentrated on mixing directly the preorganized crystalline fibrillar poly(3-alkyl thiophene) (P3AT) with the acceptor.
Modules include the Historic Development of Atomic Theory, the Periodic Table, and Chemical Bonds to Polymer Synthesis, Polymer Chain Structure, and Morphology of crystallizable Polymers.
The disappearance of crystallinity in block copolymers characterized by a shortening of the length of the crystallizable blocks is a typical behavior observed in numerous polymeric systems [26, 27].
However, for a hydrogenated nitrile, this strategy is not successful, since the butadiene sequences are transformed into crystallizable polyethylene sequences during the hydrogenation process.